Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King (2014)

Review by CJ Page count: 437 [includes one page author’s note] Format: Hardcover Publisher: Scribner   When Detective Kermit “Bill” Hodges retires, he leaves with several cases unsolved. Though none haunt him more than the Mercedes Killer. A killer who used a stolen Mercedes to plow through a […]

Piranhaconda (2012)

Review by CJ Director: Jim Wynorski Starring: Rib Hillis, Terri Ivens, Shandi Finnessey, Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter Other notable appearances: Slimy, oozy piranhaconda eggs and their bitey parents Running time: 85 minutes Watch this if you liked: Anaconda 1-4, Sharktopus, Piranha 3D   A film crew happens to […]

Godzilla (2014)

Review by CJ Director: Gareth Edwards Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, David Strathairn Other notable appearances: GIANT FIGHTING MONSTERS! Running time: 123 minutes Watch this if you liked: Godzilla (1954), Jurassic Park   Warning: May contain spoilers for a movie made in 1954, the […]

RoboCroc (2013)

Review by CJ Director: Arthur Sinclair Starring: Corin Nemec, Lisa McAllister, Dee Wallace, Steven Hartley Other notable appearances: A pair of crocs shoes Running time: 77 minutes Watch this if you liked: Lake Placid, Dinocroc vs. Supergator   A shuttle carrying government nanotechnology explodes, ejecting its payload into […]

Amphibious (2010)

Review by CJ Director: Brian Yuzna Starring: Janna Fassaert, Michael Paré, Monica Sayangbati Other notable appearances: Giant aquatic scorpion Running time: 83 minutes Watch this if you liked: Anaconda, Jaws, Piranha   Two young brothers are sold into slavery aboard a fishing platform off the coast of Indonesia. […]