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The best of 2018

I’d like to restart the tradition of posting my opinion on the best of the movies and TV shows I watched, and books I read in the past year. So I will! None of the items on these lists are required to have been released in 2018, but I had to have watched or read […]
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The Fifth to Die by J.D. Barker (2018)

Review by CJ Page count: 416 ISBN: 9780544973978    After the escape of the 4MK killer, Anson Bishop, Detective Sam Porter and his team have had to relinquish the investigation to the FBI. But when Porter can’t let go of the 4MK case and move on to their next one, he puts himself, his team […]
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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (2006)

Page count: 288 ISBN: 9780441013814    Mercedes Thompson’s day job is as a skilled mechanic and owner of her own garage. She also happens to be able to shift into a coyote and has a decent network of other supernatural beings. This network comes in handy when Mercy adopts a young, rogue werewolf and uncovers […]
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Redshirts by John Scalzi (2012)

Review by CJ Page count: 320 Format: Paperback ISBN: 9780765334794   In the year 2456, ensigns Dahl, Duvall, Hanson, Finn and Hester are assigned to the flagship of the Universal Union, the Intrepid. Soon after beginning their new assignments, the ensigns discover that all is not what it seems on the Intrepid. High death rates, […]
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Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything by Lydia Kang, MD and Nate Pedersen (2017)

Review by CJ Page count: 352 Format: ARC eBook ASIN/ISBN: B06XDX2X15/9780761189817    Quackery takes readers on a journey through history’s most abominable and misguided medical treatments.

The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson (2017)

Review by CJ Page count: 213 Format: ARC eBook ISBN: 1973717956    Perrie has become Vale’s Bride of Glass and together they lead the dark souls on a wave of destruction that threatens to destroy humanity. When Perrie’s cousin Maisie and ex-boyfriend Neven return to their senses, they must work together to free Perrie and […]
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Cover Reveal: The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to reveal the cover for The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson. The Bride of Glass is the second novel in the Glass Vault series following on from where Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault left us.

Wish You Were Here by Sheridan Jobbins (2017)

Review by CJ Page count: 330 Format: ARC eBook ISBN: 9781925475609   When Sheridan Jobbins’ marriage is a rug that her then-husband pulls out from under her, she takes the opportunity to destroy all of their china then run away to America to find herself. Along the way she finds a companionable car, a little […]
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Forsaken by J.D. Barker (2014)

Page count: 386 ISBN: 9780990694908   Successful horror writer Thad McAlister has just written the best book of his career. While in New York to sell the movie rights, Thad discovers that his book may not be as fictional as he thought. The creatures from his novel have invaded the real world and now Thad […]
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Jack of Hearts by Christopher Greyson (2017)

Review by CJ Page count: 238 ISBN: 9781683990734 Jack Stratton is headed to Florida for fun in the sun and to introduce girlfriend Alice to his parents. What he doesn’t expect is to be nominated by his mother to help her book club solve the mystery of the garden ornament thief. When the mystery takes […]
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