Sand Sharks (2012)

Review by CJ

Mark Atkins

Corin Nemec, Brooke Hogan, Eric Scott Woods, Vanessa Evigan, Gina Holden

Other notable appearances:
Robert Pike Daniel

Running time:
86 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Sharknado 1-4, Dinoshark, Sharktopus


When Jimmy Green (Nemec) returns to his island home with dreams of creating a spring break festival that puts the island on the map, the party crashers come in the form of giant, prehistoric sharks … that can swim through sand.

In true b-grade film form, Sand Sharks is ridiculous and cheesy and very, very fun.

The design of the eponymous sand sharks is quite cool despite the mandatory terrible CGI. I’m glad they didn’t just take ordinary looking sharks and whack them in the sand. The look of the sharks also makes the — and I use the term loosely — science behind how the sharks survive in the sand.

The dialogue in Sand Sharks is so bad it is fantastic. The deliveries from the actors involved are even worse/better. Corin Nemec is becoming the king of the monster b-movies and he provides highly entertaining performances every time I see him in one.

The CGI was bad, the one-liners were delightfully silly and the acting was more overdone than a forgotten steak. But in terms of ludicrous entertainment, Sand Sharks excelled. Recommended for modern b-grade film fans.


“We’re stuck between a rock … and a shark place.”


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