The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Review by CJ

Andy Palmer

Scottie Thompson, Ben Begley, Renee Dorian, Matt Angel, Sterling Sulieman, Chasty Ballesteros, Erick Chavarria, Jere Burns, Candice De Visser

Other notable appearances:
Robert Englund, Clint Howard, E.E. Bell, Mars Crain, Sebastian Siegel

Running time:
90 minutes

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Six violent and terrifying psychopaths take over a funhouse based around their crimes on its opening night. Mayhem, gore and bloodshed ensue.

The Funhouse Massacre is so much gory, cheesy, b-grade fun it should almost be a crime. Which, I guess, it already is against good taste. But it is enjoyable, messy fun nevertheless.

The acting is about what you would expect from a b-grade cheese-o-rama. The stand-out performance though comes from Jere Burns who does a great job of hamming up the cult leader portion of the psychopathic bunch.

There is a lot of (very fake) blood and (equally fake) dismemberment in The Funhouse Massacre so it is not for the faint of heart or particularly squeamish. The awful effects only add to the cheddarlicious hilarity.

The plot of The Funhouse Massacre is delightfully absurd but in its absurdity there is a lot to be admired in terms of originality. A Hollywood version of the plot may not have been as delightful, but it could have been terrifying. Regardless, the final cut of The Funhouse Massacre is what it is and that is thoroughly enjoyable.

If you love fun, cheesy b-grade horror flicks then The Funhouse Massacre is not to be missed.


“Sheriff’s department! Anybody here?”
“Are you hoping the killer answers us?”


One thought on “The Funhouse Massacre (2015)”

  1. I do a lot of watching B scary movies during the week in the evening — must be my way of relaxing from a hard day’s work. Ha. This one sounds right up my alley!

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