End of Watch by Stephen King (2016)

Review by CJ

End of Watch

Page count:
432 [including author’s note]




When a mother and daughter connected to the Mercedes Killer incident commit suicide, private investigator Bill Hodges and his eccentric business partner Holly Gibney are brought in to consult.

When the police turn their backs, Bill and Holly stay on the case. What they discover will challenge them beyond anything they have experienced before.

End of Watch is the final book of the Bill Hodges Trilogy which includes Mr. Mercedes and Finders Keepers.

From the first page of Mr Mercedes to the final page of End of Watch the Bill Hodges Trilogy has been an impressive hard-hitting crime series. In End of Watch King returns to his roots and expands on the telekinesis aspect of the story which was touched on briefly in Finders Keepers. While incorporating a supernatural aspect in an otherwise grounded plot would be incredibly risky for most authors, King manages to intwine the two worlds perfectly.

Having followed the core characters throughout their journeys, and even seeing some of them grow up, I am sad to see the series end. Yet I am happy with the ending as it is respectful to the characters involved and has finished at a perfect time in the story. Not only is there a sense of closure but it never feels like the characters or their stories have gone on for too long.

Brady Hartsfield is a truly evil villain whose loathsome characteristics only increase the more you are exposed to him. This makes him an incredible antagonist and, dare I say, nemesis to Bill Hodges.

End of Watch is a great conclusion to a thoroughly enjoyable trilogy. While I don’t think it can be fully enjoyed as a standalone novel, I definitely recommend the trilogy as a whole to fans of detective stories, crime dramas and Stephen King fans alike.

5 Stars


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