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One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus (2017)

Review by CJ

Page count:



When five students attend detention and only four leave alive, the surviving students are thrown into the spotlight as suspects in the deceased’s murder investigation.

When it’s discovered that the deceased was going to publicly reveal secrets that could ruin the four survivors, the geek, the jock, the princess and the criminal must work out which of them is capable of murder.

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The Woman in Black by Susan Hill (1983)

Review by CJ

Page count:



Arthur Kipps is sent to a remote village in England to go through the mountains of papers belonging to a now deceased client. After evasive behaviour from the townsfolk, Arthur makes his way to the client’s house but finds much more than just some dusty old papers.

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Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King (2014)

Review by CJ

Mr Mercedes

Page count: 437 [includes one page author’s note]

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Scribner


When Detective Kermit “Bill” Hodges retires, he leaves with several cases unsolved. Though none haunt him more than the Mercedes Killer. A killer who used a stolen Mercedes to plow through a crowd to murder eight people and injure countless others. The case is revived when Hodges receives a taunting letter from the killer. The letter reignites Hodges’s desire to catch the killer and he brings himself unofficially out of retirement to investigate. After all, the killer may have written to say they will never kill again, but the killer doth protest too much.

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NOS4R2 (UK) or NOS4A2 (US) by Joe Hill (2014)

Review by CJ


Page count: 692 [Including the acknowledgments because if you skim or skip the acknowledgements you get a free trip to Christmasland. No, no – that’s not a good thing.]

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Gollancz


When Victoria ‘Vic’ McQueen was a young girl she had a gift for finding things. She would jump on her bike and cross the Shorter Way Bridge to wherever the lost item could be found. When Vic has a fight with her mother and father she goes looking for trouble and finds Charles Manx with a gift of his own. Manx has taken hundreds of children away from their parents to the Christmasland with the promise of a world where fun rules and unhappiness is against the law. Vic barely escapes from Manx and he is locked away in one prison or another until his death. But Charles Manx is not the sort of man to let a little thing like death stop him and now Vic must save her son from Manx before it’s too late. Before he can’t be saved. Before he doesn’t want to be saved.

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Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (2013)

Review by CJ

2013 - Doctor Sleep

This sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining returns us to the life of the gifted Dan Torrance almost right from where the original story finished. Throughout the beginning of the book we see Dan, haunted by both real and emotional ghosts from his past, fall down the same abyss of alcoholism that plagued his father.

After spending decades homeless, drunk and desolate, Dan gets himself in a situation that forces him to reevaluate his life choices. He moves to a new town, joins AA and begins work at a hospice where, with the help of a prescient cat, he uses what’s left of his supernatural mental abilities (“Shining”) to comfort the dying patients.

As he settles in his new life, Dan begins to pick up mental signals from a girl named Abra. A girl with the strongest Shining Dan has ever encountered. A girl who has witnessed things she shouldn’t have witnessed. A girl who desperately needs Dan’s help to stay alive.

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