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The Fireman by Joe Hill (2016)

Review by CJ


Page count:
752 [including credits and acknowledgements]




A deadly spore has infected most of the planet’s population causing them to spontaneously combust. When Harper Willowes becomes infected, she is happily married and working as a volunteer nurse around the clock to ease the suffering of those afflicted with Draco incendia trychophyton.

When the tell-tale black and gold markings appear, confirming that she has contracted the disease, Harper’s world turns upside-down. She discovers that she is also pregnant and that her husband isn’t the man she thought he was.

Harper flees her home and is rescued by John Rookwood, AKA The Fireman. John takes Harper back to a secluded camp where people with Draco incendia trychophyton hide from the extermination crews and learn to coexist with the spore that inhabits their bodies. But can a new community coexist with each other over the long term or will the camp erupt while the rest of the world burns?

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NOS4R2 (UK) or NOS4A2 (US) by Joe Hill (2014)

Review by CJ


Page count: 692 [Including the acknowledgments because if you skim or skip the acknowledgements you get a free trip to Christmasland. No, no – that’s not a good thing.]

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Gollancz


When Victoria ‘Vic’ McQueen was a young girl she had a gift for finding things. She would jump on her bike and cross the Shorter Way Bridge to wherever the lost item could be found. When Vic has a fight with her mother and father she goes looking for trouble and finds Charles Manx with a gift of his own. Manx has taken hundreds of children away from their parents to the Christmasland with the promise of a world where fun rules and unhappiness is against the law. Vic barely escapes from Manx and he is locked away in one prison or another until his death. But Charles Manx is not the sort of man to let a little thing like death stop him and now Vic must save her son from Manx before it’s too late. Before he can’t be saved. Before he doesn’t want to be saved.

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