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The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell in Return to PantoLand (2017)

Review by CJ

Todd McKenney, Tim Maddren, Robyn Loau, Katrina Retallick, Jaime Hadwen, Kev Orkian, Ksenia Zofi, Ric Pragnell, Matthew Geronimi, Michael Stone, Jay Johns, Samuel Richardson, Brandon Ware, Justin Rive, Michael Francisco

The Comedy Theatre (Melbourne, Australia)

Running time:
150 minutes (including intermission)


The story of Peter Pan (Maddren) and Tinker Bell’s (Hadwen) journeys with Wendy (Zofi), John and Michael Darling in Neverland. They meet Tiger Lily (Loau), fight Captain Hook (McKenney) and think all of the happy thoughts that their hearts desire.

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Cinderella adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick (2015)

Review by CJ


Page count:




Adapted from the 2015 live action Disney movie, Cinderella tells the tale of a girl named Ella. After her mother’s death Ella’s father remarried, giving her a step-mother and two step-sisters. Not long after, Ella’s father also passes away leaving her a servant in her own home to serve her wicked step-mother and spoilt step-sisters. By remembering to have courage and be kind, Ella finds magic, true love and her happily ever after.

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That Risen Snow: A Scary Tale of Snow White and Zombies by Rob E. Boley (2014)

Review by CJ


Page count:
242 [excluding acknowledgments and about the author]

Kindle eBook



When Snow White’s Prince arrives to deliver true love’s kiss, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Instead of a happily ever after, Snow awakens to a hunger that only human (or dwarf) flesh will satisfy. Can the seven dwarfs and Snow’s Prince save her from what she has become or will they join her in the world of the undead?

That Risen Snow is the first book in The Scary Tales series.

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War (2016)

Review by CJ

The Huntsman Winter's War

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan

Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, Charlize Theron

Other notable appearances:
Nick Frost, Alexandra Roach, Sheridan Smith, Rob Brydon, Liam Neeson

Running time:
114 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Maleficent, Oz The Great and Powerful


When Freya’s (Blunt) daughter is killed, it unleashes a power within her that allows her to begin her own frost kingdom separate to her sister Ravenna’s (Theron). Freya raises an army of loyal huntsmen including Eric (Hemsworth) and Sara (Chastain) to overpower and claim neighbouring kingdoms.

Eric and Sara rebel and plan an escape from the frost queen but are caught. They are both to be killed but Eric survives thanks to bumbling henchmen. When Freya’s plans threaten to take over Eric’s new home, he must fight to keep and regain what was his.

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