Cinderella adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick (2015)

Review by CJ


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Adapted from the 2015 live action Disney movie, Cinderella tells the tale of a girl named Ella. After her mother’s death Ella’s father remarried, giving her a step-mother and two step-sisters. Not long after, Ella’s father also passes away leaving her a servant in her own home to serve her wicked step-mother and spoilt step-sisters. By remembering to have courage and be kind, Ella finds magic, true love and her happily ever after.

I loved Elizabeth Rudnick’s Cinderella. As a big fan of the film from which it is adapted, I enjoyed the added depth the book gave. We are privy to the thoughts of the characters rather than just their actions and dialogue.

In this novelisation, the reader is left with no doubt just how courageous Ella is in the face of unkindness because we can see how many times she is nearly broken. This adds more tragedy to the bulk of the story and makes the happy ending so much more beautiful.

The fairy godmother’s comments throughout Cinderella added even more depth, insight and humour to the story.

I did feel that there were a couple of lovely moments from the film left out of the Cinderella novelisation and that was a little bit disappointing. Though not enough to spoil the overall enjoyment of the novel.

While aimed at junior readers, Cinderella is a must read for any fan of the film on which it is based or fairy tales in general. Best read as an accompaniment to the film rather than a standalone novel.

4 Stars


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