The Fifth to Die by J.D. Barker (2018)

Review by CJ

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After the escape of the 4MK killer, Anson Bishop, Detective Sam Porter and his team have had to relinquish the investigation to the FBI. But when Porter can’t let go of the 4MK case and move on to their next one, he puts himself, his team and many more in graver danger than they could have ever expected.

The Fifth to Die is the second novel in the 4MK Thriller series.

The Fourth Monkey was one of the best books, and possibly the best crime novel, I read last year. So when I found out that I had received an advance review copy of its sequel, I was very excited. The Fifth to Die did not disappoint.

The plot to The Fifth to Die is intricate and crafted to the point where I knew something was up, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until the last moment. Much like the sudden turn after a dip on a rollercoaster, the twists in The Fifth to Die are fun and exhilarating. It’s a fantastic follow up novel for The Fourth Monkey.

The character development in The Fifth to Die in itself is great, but when taken into consideration with The Fourth Monkey it’s even more enjoyable. Characters who were intriguing in The Fourth Monkey really shine through in The Fifth to Die and it’s a joy to read. 

While you could read The Fifth to Die as a standalone novel, it is my opinion that The Fourth Monkey will not only give you important background information, but the series is a really enjoyable ride and you’re not going to want to miss a moment. I know that I cannot wait for the next instalment in the lives of Detective Sam Porter et al.



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