Complete Darkness by Matt Adcock (2019)

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Complete Darkness combines gritty dystopian science fiction with theology in a way I didn’t know would work but somehow does.

The pop culture references also run rampant through this story and, forgive me if I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure there is even a reference to a well known blink-182 song.

Adcock employs an interesting style of fiction writing that relies heavily on footnotes, technical descriptions that are often in parentheses and multiple narrative voices. The style of writing sacrifices a lot of showing for telling and isn’t going to be suited to every reader. But for readers who enjoy innovative writing styles, this is a good example and reminds me of Max Brooks’ World War Z in some aspects.

For this reason, it did take me a little while to become absorbed in the story but once I did it was a hell of a ride. Pun intended. 

The lead protagonist reminded me of John McClane — deeply flawed and pretty broken but still willing to step up when needed. 

If you enjoy dystopian science fiction then Complete Darkness is well worth checking out. 



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