Nightmare in Savannah by Lela Gwenn (2021)

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I received Nightmare in Savannah by Lela Gwenn from Diamond Book Distributors via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Nightmare in Savannah is basically The Craft with fairies. Like, some of the things that happen are derivative to the point of wondering if they are supposed to be parodies. To be honest, it didn’t do it as well and the only reason I finished was because it was short.

The characters are pretty uninteresting aside from the fact that some of them are fairies, the plot (as mentioned) is pretty uninspiring, the art isn’t a style that I personally find appealing, and the pacing is way off.

I will give it to Nightmare in Savannah that where it delves into its own, there are some good scenes. However, because of the pacing issues it’s difficult to really flow into those scenes enough to appreciate them.

I didn’t despise Nightmare in Savannah but I wouldn’t read it again and wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone as my first choice in graphic novels, fairy representation or original content.



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