Caught in the Act by Shane Jenek AKA Courtney Act (2021)

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Caught in the Act is a raw and honest peek behind the curtain of beloved Australian entertainer Shane Jenek’s life told with his characteristic wit, charm and intelligence.

The reader is taken on a journey from suburban Brisbane through Shane’s childhood, to finding his tribe in Sydney, to the birth of one Courtney Act and beyond.

The story carefully woven throughout Shane’s life and memoir is one of self discovery. Whether exploring love and sexuality, gender identity, self-image or career goals, Shane tells the story of his life with an openness that is inspiring.

With laugh out loud moments that feature some familiar names popping up throughout, Shane’s tale never feels too heavy despite addressing some tough subjects.

It feels clichĂ© to say that I couldn’t put it down but I genuinely spent every minute I could reading Caught in the Act. Even so far as to wait up until 1am when it was released on Kindle to download the pre-order and start reading. So it had pretty big purple and gold Louboutin sandal expectations to fill and exceeded every one.

If you love reading clever memoirs with heart, soul and spirit gum, then I highly recommend Caught in the Act.


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