The Outsider by Stephen King (2018)

Review by CJ

Page count:
561 pages



When an 11-year-old boy is horrifically murdered, all of the evidence points to the small town’s Little League coach, Terry Maitland.

It is only after Terry is publicly arrested that strong evidence is discovered that also proves his innocence.

With solid evidence indicating that Maitland both is and isn’t the murderer, it is up to a small group of officials and concerned citizens to uncover the truth — no matter how bizarre it may seem.

I must admit that I went into The Outsider thinking I knew what to expect. I figured Mr King was dabbling in a regular ole crime story again. I was waiting for the twin to be revealed and thought I had everything figured out before the first act. I deeply apologise for my loss of faith and should have absolutely known better. 

The Outsider is so much more than a generic crime story and takes elements of horror that had me questioning the life choice that led to me reading it late at night. 

I loved the guest appearance from a character featured in another of King’s stories. I don’t want to give it away because I didn’t know they appeared when I started reading The Outsider and the surprise of their appearance gave me so much joy. I will say though that it was wonderful to be able to check in with them in a way that didn’t negatively disrupt The Outsider’s story.

The Outsider is a compelling crime story with a horror twist that holds up beautifully despite being quite lengthy. The characters feel real and complex in a world where they are faced with the impossible. 

If you are a fan of King’s work then The Outsider is another thoroughly enjoyable read that can’t be missed. I would also highly recommend The Outsider to crime novel enthusiasts who are looking for something a bit different.



One thought on “The Outsider by Stephen King (2018)”

  1. Love this review! Think this might be my next book. I tried years ago to read IT, and couldn’t, but now I’m on my second try. This one seems much shorter!


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