Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz (2003)

Review by CJ

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Odd Thomas has a unique name and a unique gift — he sees dead people. While the dead are unable to speak, Odd uses his gift to interpret how to help them move on to the next life.

When Odd sees more bodachs, spiritual harbingers of death and destructions, in one place than he has in his life, he knows something big is coming. It’s up to Odd to use his psychic gifts to save the town he lives in and the people he loves.

I loved Odd Thomas on screen as portrayed by Anton Yelchin and thought it only fitting that I start reading the series by Dean Koontz. The film sticks fairly closely to the plot of the first novel in the series, with a handful of changes, as with most cases though the book is far superior.

The story is written from Odd’s perspective as he writes down the events that have taken place, encouraged by his literary mentor, Little Ozzie. Odd is a delightful narrator who makes it clear he worships his beloved Stormy Llewellyn, admires his friends and cares for his neighbours.

The story takes us on many different aspects of Odd’s life and is by no means a simple or fast paced A to B journey, but it never feels bloated and everything is relevant to character development or history, or world building.

In terms of mystery, Odd Thomas is a delightful foray into a supernatural and borderline crime mystery that explores the evils of man by exploring the evils of the supernatural world.

The main characters in the world of Odd Thomas are well constructed and very likeable but they’re all a little flawed and a little broken, which makes them feel real and makes their triumphs more sweet.

If you love supernatural novels or crime novels then there is absolutely no going past Odd Thomas. Koontz has created a world and characters that I want to journey with further and can’t wait to meet again.



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