LEGO Frozen Northern Lights (2016)

Review by CJ


Steven Spencer

Mark Hoffmeier

Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Chris Williams, Ciarán Hinds

Running time:
21 minutes


Elsa (Menzel), Anna (Bell), Olaf (Gad), Sven (Groff) and Kristoff (Groff) are shocked to discover that the northern lights are not visible from Arendelle. The crew head to where the northern lights originate to find out what has gone wrong.

LEGO Frozen Northern Lights is an adorable addition to the Frozen universe told in CGI animated LEGO.

There are lots of funny moments throughout LEGO Frozen Northern Lights for kids and adults alike. A lot of the humour comes from LEGO Frozen Northern Lights’ self awareness. Quips about the original film’s songs and breaking the fourth wall are frequently used.

While adorable, funny and meta, LEGO Frozen Northern Lights feels a lot more like a LEGO film than it does the official Disney film and short film featuring the Frozen characters. There is nothing wrong with this, but think it’s worth mentioning as it was quite noticeable.

While voiced by all of the original actors, the dialogue in LEGO Frozen Northern Lights doesn’t feel completely right in some scenes. There are calls back to the original film in the dialogue, but it still doesn’t hit the mark all the time for characters who are well known and much loved.

I would recommend LEGO Frozen Northern Lights for fans of the LEGO film series or Frozen.

3 Stars

“We’ll never make it.”
“I think we need to think positive.”
“Hooray! We’ll never make it!”


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