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The Voices (2014)

Review by CJ

Marjane Satrapi

Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick

Other notable appearances:
Jacki Weaver, Ella Smith

Running time:
103 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Tucker and Dale vs Evil, What We Do in the Shadows, Shaun of the Dead


Jerry (Reynolds) is an awkward but affable worker in the packing and shipping department of a toilet factory. When he goes home though, he assigns the voices in his head to his pet dog, a loving and supportive buddy, and his cat, a crude and self-absorbed jerk.

The advice his pets give him is mostly harmless, until Jerry accidentally murders the woman on whom he had a workplace crush. The deeper Jerry gets into burying her murder, the more his own life and delusions crumble.

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