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A pop culture devotee who is happiest watching any incarnation of Star Trek, reading Stephen King or Joe Hill novels, viewing great movies [primarily from the action, horror, adventure or science fiction genres], or flipping through a DC comic.

Dream jobs would include: Starfleet Captain, joining the Green Lantern Corps, Pokémon Master, Disney Princess or plumber for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Weekly update: Who hasn’t been to space?

Greetings, Gothamites! My latest obsession, Dancing with the Stars, ended last week after 10 weeks of tangos, turmoil and tights. Congratulations to Samuel Johnson who took home the mirror ball trophy and $50K for his wonderful charity. Congratulations to Courtney who came second but will always have the […]

Weekly update: Rinsing!

Greetings, Gothamites! Where my Game of Throners at?! I just got finished watching the second episode and — no spoilers — but gosh darn this is shaping up to be an incredible season. Everything is moving so quickly and I’m hanging out for it every week since it […]