57 Reactions I Had While Watching The Crown (Season 4, Episode 1)

Greetings, Gothamites!

I find the British Royal Family and the history of the British Monarchy to be fascinating. So The Crown was always going to be one of my favourite shows, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how enjoyable the series has been at portraying fictionalised accounts of events thus far.

There has been a bit of a kerfuffle recently, especially with the introduction of Diana to the series, around ensuring viewers know The Crown is a work of fiction based on true stories. I know these are real people and most of the major events are real, but I generally watch it like I would any other show purely for entertainment value — with an entire shaker of salt.

Though, I can’t help but to root for the fictional Princess Anne because I adore her real life counterpart. 

Please kindly be warned that there will certainly be spoilers forthcoming! 

  1. I know this is just the recap but Queen Elizabeth is a badass
  2. Philip has gotten significantly less unlikeable as the series has progressed
  3. Okay, recap over, let’s do this
  4. Aw, horsey, get them good chin scritches from Her Maj
  5. Ugh, Charles
  6. The aunt/niece relationship between Anne and Margaret looks like it’s going to be fun
  7. I love it when Philip is shady and it’s not directed at Elizabeth
  8. Elizabeth and Philip feel more united as they’ve settled into their marriage
  9. In comes the Queen Mum to save the day for Dicky
  10. That cheeky curtsey from Sarah Spencer though
  11. Stand up straight, lad, you’re the Prince of Wales
  12. Yes, I know that’s how he really stands, but so does my point
  13. I love this introduction of Diana
  14. You literally just told Diana you wouldn’t tell Sarah you saw her
  15. Literally the first thing you do as soon as Sarah appears is to $%#&ing tell her you saw Diana
  16. Gods, he’s THE worst
  17. Oh, yeah, now defend her after you’ve thrown her under the double decker
  18. What a dick
  19. GILLIAN! 
  20. Did she just spray perfume on her face?
  21. I watched The Iron Lady but don’t remember much?
  22. So, I don’t really feel like I know a lot about Margaret Thatcher
  23. Except that Elton John wrote a song called Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher
  24. That’s the most direct way I’ve heard a politician sidestep questions
  25. Oh, Philip, you old misogynist
  26. You tell him, Elizabeth
  27. I love that the Queen wants to take bets on who is going to be in the cabinet
  28. And slays it
  29. I like the mutual respect between these two women so far
  30. I love it when we see the Queen just being Elizabeth with her horses
  31. That was a nice father daughter moment
  32. I’m going to get so angry at the Charles and Camila stuff this season, I can see it coming
  33. I don’t care how much you like someone, if you or they are married to someone else then you don’t go there
  34. Charles getting high and mighty about who committed worse adultery is gross
  35. What have you done now, Dicky?
  36. Who are these geezers, now?
  37. I don’t think I’m going to like what’s about to happen
  38. I really don’t think I’m going to like what’s about to happen
  39. They’re a very outdoorsy family
  40. I’m sure they eat all the things they hunt … right?
  42. I know the IRA is prevalent during this time but I was not emotionally prepared for a member of the family to get blown up in the first episode
  43. I did not expect Dicky’s letter to be quite so blunt and honest
  44. I seriously thought he would be apologetic
  45. I should have known better
  46. Did Thatcher just take off her earring to answer the phone?
  47. Those condolences turned into a campaign speech pretty quickly
  48. “Oh, it’s you” nothing like a tragedy to bring the family together
  49. Leaving 500 pages of instructions for my funeral is totally something I would do
  50. Philip, put down the brandy and leave Charles alone
  51. I mean, you’re not really helping his daddy issues here
  52. GO, ANNE!!!
  53. Who is tooting at the Prince of Wales?
  54. Who is yelling at the Prince of Wales in traffic?
  55. I’m not fan of Charles but surely road raging against a monarch is some form of treason?
  56. Having Call Me by Blondie playing when he calls her is a bit on the nose
  57. Now that is how you curtsey to a Prince

I think with this season of The Crown I am going to be especially grateful for the humorous and tender moments because if the first episode is this much of an emotional rollercoaster, I can’t see the impending marriage breakdown lighten the mood. 


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