Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker (2018)

Review by CJ

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In the year 1868, Bram Stoker is a young man of 22 who enjoys taking in the theatre and writing reviews for a local publication. His world and that of his siblings is turned upside down when they rediscover their nanny Ellen, who looked after them as children, nursed Bram from the brink of death when he was a sickly child then disappeared without a trace.

Bram and his family must unravel Ellen’s secrets if they are to save themselves and everyone they hold dear.

I recently discussed with a friend my tendency to only read one or two epic novels per year. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the rest of what I read, just that it’s either short, not challenging, may not enthral me or doesn’t seem memorable. Again, that doesn’t mean it’s not good but it’s like a Big Mac from McDonald’s as opposed to a three course meal in a swanky restaurant. Dracul is one of the epics I have had the pleasure of reading this year. 

For starters, Dracul is the prequel to Dracula that I never knew the world needed until it existed. It breathes new life into a classic novel that has been adapted many times and inspired countless others by giving it deep roots.

As the main course, the characters in Dracul are brought to life fantastically structured with depth and personality. The villains, the heroes and everyone in between are very well written and the plot moulds around them in a way that creates a vivid world and enthrals the reader, much like the eponymous vampire would.

For our final course, the atmosphere in Dracul is delectable and only gets better as the novel progresses. I could almost feel the chill in the air, smell the death in the air and hear the thunder cracking. The level of detail created by the authors of Dracul is spectacular but the story doesn’t get bogged down in any minutiae.

If you love creepy, gothic vampire stories and aren’t afraid of a story that will stay with you, then I highly recommend checking out Dracul.



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