Fluff by Christopher Long (2018)

Review by CJ

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Having been bequeathed his best friend’s apartment, Ed moves to the quiet, lakeside town of Barrowbank. Ed soon realises that everything in the town isn’t as idyllic as his friend had made it seem. Especially the mysterious fluffy pink rabbit he wakes up to every morning. Watching. Waiting. Smiling. Disappearing when he turns around.

What. a. trip. Long has managed to write a horror story that is gripping and a little twisted from the get go. I don’t know what I was expecting when I went into a horror story with a fluffy pink bunny hopped up as the main antagonist. But what I found was an enjoyable tail, er, tale.

The main character, Ed, is an interesting protagonist to watch evolve. He is incredibly flawed and starts off wallowing in his own misery and self-pity. While this doesn’t change much, Ed does become quite likeable and I did start rooting for him.

As someone who is quite good at picking endings, I could not have picked where Fluff was going if you gave me a map, a cut lunch and Bear Grylls. The climax was surprising and an interesting culmination of everything that had come before it. 

If you enjoy twisted tales of horror that will keep you up at night — at the very least to finish just one more chapter … no, just one more — then I recommend that you hop along and pick up some Fluff.



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