Final Girls by Riley Sager (2017)

Review by CJ

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They are the Final Girls. Lisa. Quincy. Samantha. Three women who were the sole survivors of separate mass murders, lumped together by the media.

When Lisa commits suicide, Samantha decides that the remaining two Final Girls should meet. The more than Samantha turns her life upside down, the more Quincy begins to question her past and what she thought she knew happened the night she lived.

Final Girls is a gripping thriller that doesn’t let go from start to finish.

The plot to Final Girls is fascinating and takes the horror cliché of the Final Girl to a new level. Sure, in Scream 3 we see that Sidney has shut herself away and hidden from the world while doing her part to help others, but we don’t get to hear her thoughts or memories when reacting to past and current trauma.

There aren’t a lot of characters so there are only a handful of red herring options. I hedged my bets down to two suspects early on so was only 50% right (I’m not sure that’s how math works in deductions?), but there were many times that the author had me flip-flopping between them and other options. Which is some good red herring work. Usually, I stick to my predictions for better or worse.

The writing is solid and moves at a good pace, ensuring the reader is engaged throughout.

If you enjoy fast paced thrillers, slasher flicks or modern mystery novels, I highly recommend checking out Final Girls.



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