It Follows (2014)

It Follows

David Robert Mitchell

Maika Monroe, Lili Sepe, Olivia Luccardi, Jake Weary, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto

Running time:
100 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Sinister, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street


Nineteen-year-old Jay’s life is turned upside-down after a sexual encounter leaves her cursed to be followed by a malevolent creature only she can see.

Don’t let the weird plot fool you, It Follows is one of the best modern horror movies I have seen.

The general feeling after the reveal (AKA initial sex scene) in It Follows is one of intense foreboding. The dread is enhanced with muted colours, the use of audial cues and spot on direction.

Visually, It Follows is stunning. You can never be quite sure in which decade the events take place. The look of the film has a distinctive 70s feel to it. There are classic cars and televisions that indicate 60s or 70s. Yet the use of a mobile phone early in the film and an e-reader later in the film suggest otherwise. The result is a beautiful looking film with a sense of innocence in a terrifying story.

The soundtrack by Disasterpeace complements the film perfectly. There are moments throughout It Follows where the ambient soundtrack has been removed and the ominous music provided by Disasterpeace takes over. This is a brilliant tactic as it creates a bubble in which the film’s characters are further isolated. No matter how loudly they might scream at that moment in time, no one could hear them.

It Follows has taken aspects of Hitchcock, Romero and Carpenter to form a modern masterpiece. The result is the scariest “It” since Tim Curry donned a red nose. A truly creepy film that is a must see for any horror fan.

Rating: 5/5

“It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.”


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