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On Old Flames

Article by Kris

We’ve all been there.  Standing in a queue at a shop, maybe, or on a bus, lost in thought, in a bit of a funk.  Your job is going nowhere fast, family and friends are busy with their own lives.  There’s nothing particular coming up to look forward to, and no-one in your life who seems like a great prospect right now.  And that’s the exact moment that it happens.
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On Hard Games

Article by Kris

I got myself a new gaming laptop for Christmas. The old one was seven years old (which meant it had lasted for purpose beyond most of my adult relationships) and was starting to drag along a little bit.  Never one to let insufficient tech stop me from getting a payday bargain, the new computer has freed up a dozen games sitting in my Steam library that I’ve previously been unable to play.  Among them is a robust release about running a mercenary company in a time of greatswords and goblins.  It’s called Battle Brothers.
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On Realism in Games

Article by Kris

In the few glorious minutes every month where I have disposable income, I like to stroll through the gaming deals on Steam with the relaxed abandon of a portly, middle-aged man who has drunk his fill of sangria and is now looking through a Mediterranean night market for fish.  He knows he wants dinner, but he also knows there’s no pressure to make a decision – there is a huge amount of choice, and if he’s willing to look carefully, the right deal will be there for the taking.
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