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Sleeping Beauty – A Knight Avenger’s Tale (2018)

Review by CJ

Rhonda Burchmore, Melissa Tkautz, Kev Orkian, Frazer Hines, Katrina Retallick, Embla Bishop, Daniel Milne, Matt Geronimi, Cameron Taylor

The Comedy Theatre (Melbourne, Australia)

Running time:
150 minutes (including intermission)


The fairy Carabosse (Burchmore) is snubbed from attending the christening of King Louis’ (Hines) daughter Aurora (Bishop). In retaliation, Carabosse curses Aurora to die after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel before the end of her 21st birthday. The good fairy (Tkautz) alters the curse to ensure Aurora does not die, but instead slumbers for 100 years until awakened by true love’s first kiss.

It is up to Aurora’s true love Prince Valiant (Milne), best friend Silly Billy (Orkian), governess Nanny Tickles (Retallick) and father King Louis to ensure the curse does not lay claim to Aurora on her 21st birthday.

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