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Deadman’s Tome Final Contact Anthology (2017)

Review by CJ Edited by: Jesse Dedman, William Marchese Contributing authors: Eric S Brown, James ‘Grim’ Desborough, David M. Hoenig, Brian Malachy Quinn, Candace Robinson, Madeleine Swann, DJ Tyrer, Kristofer Velasquez Format: Kindle eBook ASIN: B0755S8818   Eight authors spin tales on humanity’s first contact with alien races […]

Forsaken by J.D. Barker (2014)

Page count: 386 ISBN: 9780990694908   Successful horror writer Thad McAlister has just written the best book of his career. While in New York to sell the movie rights, Thad discovers that his book may not be as fictional as he thought. The creatures from his novel have […]