The Last Guests by J.P. Pomare (2021)

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I received The Last Guests by J.P. Pomare from Hachette Australia via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Last Guests is a good concept and speaks to the modern generation of timeshare websites and apps. Do you ever really know whose house you’re staying in with these services, what is being monitored and who has access? Not really. That idea really appealed to me as a story but I found the characters to be quite problematic in ways that didn’t feel genuine but rather forced for the sake of it.

I was quite surprised when what would traditionally be the novel’s climax popped up in the middle of the book. I wasn’t surprised when most of the anticipation seemed to ebb away after that incident to the point of being a little bit ‘meh’ about the final ending.

The pacing and the two-dimensional nature of the characters did make me question how badly I wanted to finish The Last Guest at times but I persevered and the pay off what pretty predictable.

Being a novel set in New Zealand and written by a New Zealand author, I was really rooting for The Last Guests but it just didn’t tick enough boxes for me to really love it.



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