A Caller’s Game by J.D. Barker (2021)

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When something is credited as Die Hard meets Talk Radio, you definitely go in with a high expectation that what you’re about to read will be badass and thoroughly entertaining. As usual, Barker does not disappoint! 

Jordan Briggs is a forthright talk radio host who is at the top of her game professionally, if not personally. She’s opinionated, confident and above all else has the gift of the gab. Sometimes when a strong female is written, it doesn’t translate well and they end up being too preachy or just downright unlikeable and unrelatable. I found Jordan Briggs, however, to be a very likeable strong female character and her daughter is an absolute delight to read. 

NYPD Officer Cole Hundley is a well-rounded, expertly written character who has a delightful subplot to counter the action hero trope he could easily fall into — and which would have been fine too but I love layers! 

Their stories come together in a seemingly innocuous way — a parking violation — when suddenly the world turns upside down, the action hits to go button and the thrills come through steadily. This is easily one of my favourite novels from Barker and, although the year is young, is already one of my favourite releases of 2021. 

One of the things I love most about J.D. Barker’s writing is that he has the ability to grab the reader with consistent, well paced stories and great characters. These traits are abundant in A Caller’s Game and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves crime and/or action thrillers. 



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