Krampus (2015)

Review by CJ

Michael Dougherty

Emjay Anthony, Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Allison Tolman, David Koechner, Krista Stadler, Conchata Ferrell

Other notable appearances:
Stefania LaVie Owen, Luke Hawker

Running time:
98 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Gremlins, Home Alone with more blood, Tales from the Crypt


Sick of his family and the way they treat each other around Christmas, Max (Anthony) tears up his letter to Santa asking for them to be happy and inadvertently summons the Anti-Clause.

I must admit, I didn’t go into Krampus expecting a whole lot. What I found was a very fun horror film with a great cast, some blood, some murderous gingerbread men and a whole lot of creepy toys.

The effects in Krampus are well done but what I loved about the film is that most of it is spent in anticipation of the creatures, especially the titular demon. The eerie mood is maintained even though there are some quite funny moments throughout the film.

The cast in Krampus do well to deliver horror and comedy in a way that is convincing on both levels. This is something that not every actor can do well so finding multiple people in one cast that have sold it, is quite impressive.

There is one flashback sequence in Krampus and it is animated in a style not dissimilar to Tim Burton’s. This is a delightful way to show something that has happened in the past and gave it a surreal feel that only served to enhance its effectivity.

If you loved Home Alone and enjoy horror elements in film, then Krampus is a holiday must-see.


“Well how about we go to your trailer for Christmas next year, hm? And after you spending weeks decorating and cooking and cleaning, I might just waddle in and start bitching and moaning about everything you worked so hard on!”


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