This Burning Man by Kris Holt (2017)

Review by CJ

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Bounty hunter Phoenix has been searching for his mother and his next meal ticket for a long time when he happens across the end of the world. With his newfound allies, Jayci, Gregor and a group of exceptional girls from the desert, Phoenix must save his town and loved ones from the apocalypse.

This Burning Man is the first book in the Future Arizona series.

I read This Burning Man in its original format as a fortnightly serial and impatiently awaited each new chapter with glee, sadness, apprehension or in mourning for lost friends. Rereading the collected edition was a delightful visit with dear friends and a condensed experience of all those emotions and more.

I love the characters in This Burning Man and not even just the main characters. While Phoenix, Jayci and even Gregor are all endearing in their own ways, my personal favourites are  two of the more peripheral characters — Mama Smokes and Sergeant Carter. Both women are fierce and strong with wit for days. Without giving too much away, there is another more musically inclined character to whom I am also partial.

The writing is sharp, fast paced and, at times, laugh out loud funny. There are lines that will touch your funny bone and some that will touch your heart.

The story featured in This Burning Man primarily intwines elements of science fiction and westerns but also threads through a little romance, a dash of horror and some very funny moments.

This Burning Man is a rip-roaring ride through the future of Arizona as imagined by the author. Science fiction and western fans should saddle up and get ready for the start of what’s sure to be a memorable ride.



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