Don’t Kill It (2016)

Review by CJ

Mike Mendez

Dolph Lundgren, Kristina Klebe

Other notable appearances:
Tony Bentley

Running time:
83 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Death Proof, Grindhouse, Planet Terror


A small Mississippi town is plagued by a demon that possesses the person who kills its existing host. Jebediah Woodley (Lundgren) is a demon hunter who has battled this demon in the past and teams up with Agent Evelyn Pierce (Klebe) to save Chickory Creek from annihilation.

Don’t Kill It isn’t a great film in terms of production value, but it is ridiculously entertaining and pulls of horror comedy in a way that not many films have managed to do in the past. It has a vibe that reminds me of Planet Terror and similar grindhouse homage films.

Lundgren was the draw card to this film for me. Scrolling through possible horror options, I saw him on the cover and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see his work in a horror flick. Didn’t have a clue what the film was about and was very impressed by the performance given by Lundgren. His comedy chops are a lot more impressive than I would have imagined and he, of course, nails the butt kicking parts.

There are some very funny scenes in Don’t Kill It but — a warning to the squeamish — there are also some incredibly gory ones. The gore is often very fake, but there is one scene in particular that made me cringe. It involves a finger. That’s all I’m saying.

Overall, Don’t Kill It was never going to win any Academy Awards but it is a thoroughly enjoyable foray into the horror comedy genre and well worth a look for fans of the Evil Dead series, grindhouse flicks and cheesy horror fun.


“It appears there’s some kind of supernatural thing afoot.”
“What the fuck?!”
“Eunice, that is not helpful.”


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