Santa Clarita Diet: Season One

Review by CJ


Ruben Fleischer, Marc Buckland, Ken Kwapis, Craig Zisk, Lynn Shelton, Steve Pink, Tamra Davis, Dean Parisot

Victor Fresco, Clay Graham, Michael A. Ross, Chadd Gindin, Leila Cohan-Miccio, Ben Smith, Aaron Brownstein, Simon Ganz, Sarah Walker,

Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, Liv Hewson, Skyler Gisondo, Ricardo Chavira, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Richard T. Jones, Joy Omanski

Other notable appearances:
Nathan Fillion, Andy Richter, Patricia Belcher, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, Deobia Oparei, Natalie Morales, Portia de Rossi

Running time:
30 minutes per episode

Number of episodes:


Sheila (Barrymore) and Joel (Olyphant) are a normal married couple with a normal daughter (Hewson) living and working as realtors in sunny Santa Clarita. When Sheila dies and comes back to life, the family must make some significant adjustments to their lifestyle.

Santa Clarita Diet is a very funny television show with dark humour, gore and abundant use of the word “honey”. It’s a lot like what I image Will & Grace would have been like if they had a crossover with The Walking Dead.

The characters in Santa Clarita Diet are varied. Most are likeable and the unlikeable ones intentionally so. The cast playing these characters do so with comedy pizazz and a little bit over the top as in most sit-coms.

Don’t get too comfortable though, even though Santa Clarita Diet is predominantly comedy, it is still a comedy about an undead realtor who eats people. It can get a bit squicky and is not for particularly squeamish viewers.

Santa Clarita Diet is a fun take on the zombie genre with a sit-com twist. I highly recommend it to fans of horror comedy and viewers who like dark humour but don’t mind a helping of gore.

4 Stars

“You can’t eat our neighbour.”
“He’s knee deep in his herb garden. The man is seasoning himself!”


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