Penny Dreadful: Season Two

Review by CJ

Penny Dreadful - Season 2

James Hawes, Brian Kirk, Damon Thomas, Kari Skogland

John Logan

Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Harry Treadaway, Reeve Carney, Danny Sapani, Rory Kinnear, Billie Piper, Helen McCrory, Sarah Greene, David Haig

Other notable appearances:
Olivia Llewellyn, Ruth Gemmell, Tamsin Topolski, Simon Russell Beale, Jonny Beauchamp

Running time:
47-56 minutes per episode

Number of episodes:


With the vampire master defeated, medium Vanessa Ives (Green), explorer Sir Malcolm Murray (Dalton), sharpshooter Ethan Chandler (Hartnett), the mysterious Sembene (Sapani), and mortician Dr Victor Frankenstein (Treadaway) must unite once again to face an evil far greater than any of them could have imagined — the devil himself.

The second season of Penny Dreadful has maintained the unique gothic feel, compelling plot and deep characters introduced in season one. These features unite to create a thoroughly enjoyable show that keeps the viewer engaged and interested in what will happen to these deeply flawed and damaged characters.

Throughout season two, we are shown more depth to each of the main characters. The hidden pasts of the characters are still slowly being unveiled and, as with the conclusion of season one, I am looking forward to seeing more of their individual pasts revealed in season three.

Penny Dreadful is filled with both beautiful and gruesome scenes. Sometimes these two aesthetics are combined and sometimes they contrast each other. In both cases it is an amazing thing to watch.

The Victorian costumes worn in Penny Dreadful are stunning. From the men’s suits to the beautiful ballgowns and even the nightgowns. Every character is dressed just as one feels they should be at the times appropriate.

I didn’t really notice it much in season one but the soundtrack featured throughout season two is majestic. As with all good horror soundtracks, it hints at lurking dangers, brings tension to a boiling point and then soothes as required. The end credits are always delightful to listen to all of the way through.

As mentioned in my review of season one, Penny Dreadful is wicked, morbidly beautiful and incredibly strange. It is quickly becoming one of my favourites on television at the moment.

4 Stars

“I know nothing’s impossible. Whatever we can imagine, far worse is true.”


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