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Weekly update: Meg Ryan called — and she wants her haircut back

Greetings, Gothamites!

Going to be a short one this week. Here’s a quick update of what things have been like outside of the world of pop culture:

And then there was this:

Look. I’m a little bit of a drama queen and it comes out most when I’m unwell.

But all of that aside — I was able to get my hands on a box set of the complete I Love Lucy series. And while I recognise that some of the gags are very dated, I love Lucille Ball. She was a comedy genius long before the term comedy genius was common parlance. I’ve really enjoyed kicking back to a simpler time with many laughs where the comedy doesn’t need to be lewd and the drama doesn’t need to be upped every season. It’s much like when I was revisiting The Hardy Boys TV series.

It was also recently new Stephen King movie day! Let’s talk about that.


Movie — IT Chapter Two (2019)

The losers are BACK! I actually booked in for two sessions after work the day IT Chapter Two (don’t even try to @ me with that lower case It) came out, so I was at the cinemas from 6pm until after midnight and I still. wanted. more. 

The casting director for IT Chapter Two deserves an Academy Award, right now. Don’t want until February. Just Express Post it to their house. Everyone is perfect in their roles. Personal favourites are Bill Hader, who shone in a role very different to what I’ve seen him do in the past, and Jessica Chastain, who brought a very complex character to life in a wonderful way. 

I love the difference between Chapter One Pennywise and Chapter Two Pennywise. In Chapter One, Pennywise is an apex predator who has a smorgasbord of children to marinate in torment and devour every 27 years — until the losers came along. Chapter Two Pennywise is a desperate, hungry and injured animal who lashes out at every opportunity and it is a magnificent transformation to behold. 

I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but I loved IT Chapter Two and plan to see it again in the cinema before its run is out. There are scares, there are touching moments and there are some great cameos. 

Special shout out to the Village Cinemas Gold Class I went to for IT Chapter Two. Their lounge was decked out with floating red balloons and even a little Georgie mannequin dressed in a yellow slicker with a balloon and paper boat. They were reasonably small things but made a huge impact on the atmos in the lounge.


That’s it from me this time around, Gothamites. Hit me up in the comments or on Twitter and let me know what you’ve been reading, watching or otherwise bingeing/enjoying!

Until next time, live long and prosper! 🖖🏻

– CJ

Weekly update: This is just a place

Greetings, Gothamites!

It was recently my mum’s birthday and one of the gifts I gave her was seasons 1-2 of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and season 3 of The Hardy Boys. Poor Nancy seemed to have been dropped in the third year with Joe and Frank up for the chopping block soon after. I started watching some of the episodes with mum and loved them! The shows are hilarious without needing to resort to vulgarity and the mysteries are intriguing without needing to be gory. They are truly delightful to watch and I recommend them to anyone who loves old school mysteries. Continue reading Weekly update: This is just a place

Weekly update: LUDICOLO!

Greetings, Gothamites!

I have a new fixation. I have become obsessed with listening to US radio, specifically WKIT. I started listening to it because it’s “Stephen King’s Rock ’n’ Roll Station” but have found I love the old school rock and very American DJs. But most of all … I love the ads. As an Australian who lives in Australia and has never travelled oversea or lived outside of a major metropolitan hub, the ads on US radio are just deliciously cheesy. It’s the same reason I used to love driving around with the radio on in GTA3. Continue reading Weekly update: LUDICOLO!

Weekly update: I don’t think he was medieval scholar

Greetings, Gothamites!

It’s been a busy week in pop culture for me with the release of Godzilla II and the TV adaptation of Joe Hill’s NOS4A2. I also managed to finish up season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and season three of Santa Clarita Diet while squeezing in Oculus. Not too shabby, in my humble opinion.  Continue reading Weekly update: I don’t think he was medieval scholar

Weekly update: The diamond in the rough

Greetings, Gothamites!

Where are my Game of Thrones people at?! NO SPOILERS. But. I was happy with how the Game of Thrones story ended. I know this is something that has people divided and that some people even want the writers sacked and a do-over …  Continue reading Weekly update: The diamond in the rough

Weekly update: It was either you or a teapot

Greetings, Gothamites!

It has been a minute and a bit. I was recently struck down with a bout of BPPV (a form of vertigo) that meant I got to enjoy all of the motion sickness without the hassle of actually having to go anywhere. Continue reading Weekly update: It was either you or a teapot