Amphibious (2010)

Review by CJ Director: Brian Yuzna Starring: Janna Fassaert, Michael Paré, Monica Sayangbati Other notable appearances: Giant aquatic scorpion Running time: 83 minutes Watch this if you liked: Anaconda, Jaws, Piranha   Two young brothers are sold into slavery aboard a fishing platform off the coast of Indonesia. […]

Avalanche Sharks (2013)

Review by CJ Director: Scott Wheeler Starring: Alexander Mendeluk, Kate Nauta, Emily Addison Other notable appearances: SKOOKUM! Running time: 82 minutes Watch this if you liked: Sharknado, Swamp Shark, Sharktopus, Shark Night, Bait, Ghost Shark   I hope I get this right, because I’m not entirely sure I […]

NOS4R2 (UK) or NOS4A2 (US) by Joe Hill (2014)

Review by CJ Page count: 692 [Including the acknowledgments because if you skim or skip the acknowledgements you get a free trip to Christmasland. No, no – that’s not a good thing.] Format: Hardcover Publisher: Gollancz   When Victoria ‘Vic’ McQueen was a young girl she had a […]

Grave Encounters (2011)

Review by CJ Director: The Vicious Brothers Starring: Sean Rogerson, Ashleigh Gryzko, Mackenzie Gray, Merwin Mondesir, Juan Riedinger Other notable appearances: Ben Wilkinson Running time: 92 minutes Watch this if you liked: Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project, Chronicle   The Grave Encounters team are paranormal investigators who are […]

Frozen (2010)

Review by CJ Director: Adam Green Starring: Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers Other notable appearances: Snow, ice, a chair lift and Kane Hodder Running time: 93 minutes Watch this if you like: Movies that feel like they will never end   Three skier/snowboarders head up a chair […]