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Weekly update: Let me Trixie Mat-tell you what’s up

Greetings, Gothamites! It’s been an interesting week as 2019 starts to settle in and make itself at home. It’s all but got its feet up on the coffee table at this point. I’m still getting back into the groove of pop cultural goodness, but I have managed to immerse myself in some beauties and beasties […]
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Weekly update: Something something trident

Greetings, Gothamites! I must admit, I have slacked off this week when it comes to pop cultural goodness. The first week back to reality after two weeks of no responsibility has left my brain a little gooey and a little fried. Mostly after work I have just been watching Safiya Nygaard’s YouTube videos. I only […]
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Weekly update: January escapes and curious creations

Greetings, Gothamites! I hope everyone has had a great first week of 2019. I’ve spent most of the first week trying to keep cool (Aussie summers, mate) and out of the sun, so that has meant lots of books and TV shows. I also went to see Calamity Jane at Melbourne’s Comedy Theatre and it […]
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The best of 2018

I’d like to restart the tradition of posting my opinion on the best of the movies and TV shows I watched, and books I read in the past year. So I will! None of the items on these lists are required to have been released in 2018, but I had to have watched or read […]
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Weekly update: It’s a jolly holiday with Mary

Once again, Gothamites, happy New Year. I hope your holiday season was joyous and filled with the things that make you happiest. Right, let’s get into my latest pop culture adventures. Mary Poppins Returns Speaking of happy holidays. I was fortunate enough to be gifted many tickets to the theatre last year. These were given […]
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The (Gotham City) Times, they are a-changin’ …

Happy New Year, Gothamites!  In light of the “New Year, new me” credo, I’ve decided to mix up what Gotham City Times (GCT) is and how it is portrayed. Bear with me and hopefully this post answers any questions that statement brings forth. Instead of having twice weekly reviews of single movies/TV shows/books/etc, I would […]
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On Pokémon

Article by Kris The morning sun was peeking through the blinds as I settled in the laboratory chair. It had been a long journey – overnight – and I wasn’t looking my best, but when one has a chance at an audience with the world’s foremost expert on his subject of choice, one arrives early.

It’s a Small World (of Warcraft) After All: Chapter 5 – Much Arathi About Nothing

Article by CJ Level range: 31-39  Number of deaths: 4 Gold: 86g 93s 90c Professions: Mining (144) and skinning (261) Time played: 23 hours 53 minutes Zones played: Arathi Highlands, Hinterlands

90th Academy Awards Wrap Up

Article by CJ It’s the night of nights for people in Hollywood and for many of us who love Hollywood. This year the Academy Awards celebrated its 90th anniversary so it should have been a spectacular evening of outstanding entertainment. It was a little bit disappointing, to be honest — and I’m not even referring […]
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It’s a Small World (of Warcraft) After All: Chapter 4 – The Good, the Hillsbrad and the Ugly

Article by CJ Level range: 24-31 Number of deaths: 0 Gold: 51g 24s 0c Professions: Mining and skinning Time played: 13 hours 55 minutes Zones played: Hillsbrad Foothills