Schnacky Schnacks

Schnacky Schnacks: Treat Crate — South Africa (July 2021)

I must admit, I don’t know a lot about South African food so I was quite interested to see what sort of snacks were on offer. I found the selection offered to be a bit bland and I had to skip one of the snacks so it didn’t really feel super worthwhile.

I paid AUD$41 for this box, which includes shipping, a small booklet on the country featured, a menu of the included snacks and 8 snacks to try, one of which was a drink. This works out to approx AUD$5.13 per snack.

I’ve included at the start of each schnacky schnack the description as provided on the menu from Treat Crate.

Beacon Fizzer

These fruity, chewy & fizzy candies may look familiar but did you know Fizzers are from South Africa? Made by Beacon, who began as a family business, today they’re one of the biggest confectioners in South Africa.

We actually do have Fizzers in Australia and these were exactly the same. Soft, fruity taffy with a little bit of sherbet fizz. Absolutely love!

Eet Sum Mor

This rich and buttery shortbread biscuit got its name in 1940 from the original Bakersman who, after tasting is, exclaimed “I really want to eat some more!” Nearly a century later, South Africans still agree with My Baumann.

I started getting snack boxes because I wanted to try treats from around the world that I hadn’t had and wouldn’t normally have access to. But I’ve had shortbread biscuits and I don’t like shortbread biscuits so this one was a hard pass from me.

Nik Naks

Nik Naks are cheesy corn puffs that were first released in 1972 and has made its mark as one of the original and favourite savoury snacks in South Africa.

These look like Twisties and have the aftertaste of Twisties but the initial burst of cheesy flavour is far more of a “real” cheese flavour than the mild fake cheese flavour found in Twisties. Pretty good for a gnarly looking cheesy corn snack. 

Fizz Pops

These sherbet filled lolly pops will amaze all your senses! We’ve included cherry and apple flavour for you to try. Which one is your favourite?

I mean, a hard candy lollipop is a hard candy lollipop wherever it’s from and this is no different. It’s not Chupa Chup quality but it’s serviceable. The sherbet in the centre is a nice touch!

Bar One

Bar One is made with the goodness of smooth caramel, malt-infused nougat and real, this milk chocolate. It is one of the most popular chocolate bars in South Africa.

Basically a Mars Bar but the chocolate covering the bar is very rich as is the nougat. The caramel is nice but also a bit decadent. All in all it’s like a very rich Mars Bar.


The Nestle Tex was launched around 1956 and combines the aerated chocolate of the Aero bar and the crispy filled wafers of the KitKat. How does it compare to Aussie chocolate?

I love Kit Kats and Aero chocolate, so this one was pretty good. The chocolate definitely tastes different to the chocolate I’m used to in that it’s richer and a bit less creamy. I don’t feel like having the chocolate between the wafers be Aero chocolate made much of a difference. It was pretty much a Kit Kat with different chocolate. Not bad, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have another. 

Sparletta Sparberry

Sparletta is a range of soft drink products manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company in South Africa. We’re included the raspberry ‘Sparberry’ flavour for you to try.

This smelled like it was going to be a delightfully sweet raspberry soft drink and instead it ended up tasting like carbonated cough medicine for naughty children. No, thank you.

Wilson’s Toffee

Champion is the original chewy South African toffee that was a staple at the local corner cafe that South Africans grew up with and loved. It comes in many flavours such as original, cola, buttermilk and fruit punch.

This smelt absolutely awful and tasted like sultanas. Nice texture though, quite a smooth toffee that’s easy to chew. 

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