The (Gotham City) Times, they are a-changin’ …

Happy New Year, Gothamites! 

In light of the “New Year, new me” credo, I’ve decided to mix up what Gotham City Times (GCT) is and how it is portrayed. Bear with me and hopefully this post answers any questions that statement brings forth.

Instead of having twice weekly reviews of single movies/TV shows/books/etc, I would like each post to become a more conversational discussion about what I liked, loathed and experienced in the world of pop culture that week.

That’s not to say that I won’t occasionally ramble or go on a rant, but it also means that I can give bite sized chunks of my thoughts on certain things in one post. It also opens the door for me to try different writing formats, new article types and perhaps even some listicles. And never fear, once our paths cross again, you will be hearing more from everyone’s (my) favourite Paladin, Apolloe.

The idea is that there will be at least one post per week but ad hoc posts may pop up more often. For example, if someone provides me with a review copy of a book, I still feel like it deserves a post of its own.

The writers who have contributed to GCT in the past and anyone who wishes to put their hand up remain welcome to contribute guest articles and will receive appropriate credit. Otherwise, unless the byline says differently, all content is mine and reflects my own opinion — not the opinion of those who choose to contribute articles.

All past reviews and articles will remain searchable, but will eventually be phased out of the menus and main page of GCT.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported GCT since its creation and hope that you look forward to joining me in this next chapter as much as I look forward to creating it.

– CJ

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