It’s a Small World (of Warcraft) After All: Chapter 5 – Much Arathi About Nothing

Article by CJ

Level range:

Number of deaths:

86g 93s 90c

Mining (144) and skinning (261)

Time played:
23 hours 53 minutes

Zones played:
Arathi Highlands, Hinterlands


Welcome back, dear readers, to join myself and my paladin pal, Apolloe through the wonderful world of Azeroth!


Apolloe, what are y- … you’re still mad aren’t you?

Mad? Why would I be mad? Because your negligence had me slaughtered? Or because my perfect ‘no death’ streak ended in me being murdered by your hand twice? 

Okay, okay. I said I was sorry. And-

Tell them.


Tell the people what you did to me.

Fine. So, Apolloe and I were questing through Stromgarde Keep, an area within Arathi Highlands.

Stromgarde is teeming with ogres and and trolls, and humans affiliated with criminal organisation the Syndicate. It was during this time that I decided that I required a drink and went to help myself to a hydrating beverage-


And left Apolloe to be slaughtered by respawning ogres.

Look, I’m really sorry-

Tell them the rest.

… I did it again at the ogre mound.


Hey. Listen. I made a mistake-


-and I said that I was sorry. It’s not like you have limited lives. It’s character building. Can we get back to talking about our journey through these zones?



Arathi was rather nice to visit, but it doesn’t seem to have changed much as a result of the Great Cataclysm.

I thought the same thing. The pirate quest chain was cool though.

Oh, yes! I am an honorary Blackwater Raider!


Thank you! It wasn’t that I thought Arathi wasn’t enjoyable, it just wasn’t very exciting. It was pretty Vanilla. 

I see what you did there.

*whispers to readers* Vanilla is what the original WoW without any expansion packs is now colloquially referred to as.

I don’t think you’re supposed to know that. It’s pretty meta.

I’m not bad. I’m just programmed that way.

Moving right along. The Hinterlands had much the same issue. It wasn’t unenjoyable, but it also remains mostly unchanged by the Great Cataclysm.

It may not have been unenjoyable for you. I still have troll arrow wounds in my butt. 

That is far too much information.

Trolls are stupid and disgusting, and their arrows are poorly made and unhygienic.

Their arrows can’t be too badly made if they kept shooting you in the ars-

So, the reason I kept having troll arrows shot at me, axes thrown at me and general bludgeoning ensuing, was the Jintha’Alor area of the Hinterlands. That area is the most poorly planned piece of sh-


-architecture in terms of questing I have seen in my 39 levels and apparent omniscience.

It was really badly planned.

The area itself is beautiful to explore. But, dear reader, picture a pyramid where you scale each level by fighting off the trolls on that level to make it to the staircase that leads to the next. 

Actual trolls, not internet trolls.

Right. Now, when you finish the quest to defeat the trolls on the first level, you go back down to the base camp to hand that in. You’re then sent to the second level to kill more trolls. But to do that, you have to go through the first level again, where all of the trolls you previously killed have respawned. Now do that five times so that by the time you’re sent back to the fifth or sixth level, you have four levels of stinky, vile trolls to fight through before you get back to where you need to be.

It’s frustrating.


Calm down.

Sorry. But overall the Hinterlands and Arathi Highlands weren’t bad. Despite multiple deaths there were enjoyable quests and adventuring through the areas was interesting enough.

I’m mostly just surprised that so little has been changed in these areas when others have been almost totally revamped. So, where are we off to next time, Apolloe?

Western Plaguelands! Where I, Apolloe the great paladin, shall vanquish hordes of the undead and purge the plague that befouls those lands!

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