Nailed It!: Season One

Review by CJ


Nicole Byer, Jacques Torres, Sylvia Weinstock, Zac Young, Valerie Gordon, Dave Arnold, Yolanda Gampp, Jay Chandrasekhar

Running time:
33 minutes per episode

Number of episodes:


In each episode of Nailed It! three amateur bakers compete in two rounds of baking challenges to recreate elaborately decorated baked goods.

I don’t know why I thought binge watching three hours of baking disasters would be a good idea, but I did. The first episode into Nailed It! I thought I was onto something good and even recommended it to my baking genius BFF for the lols. The well-intended baking disasters were not dissimilar from my own experiences in the kitchen, particularly when trying internet recipes. By the end of the second episode though, the concept already became tiresome, the host’s quirks became stale and the clueless contestants’ charm crumbled.

As a host, Nicole Byer goes with the “the louder I yell, the funnier I am” school of comedy thought, which isn’t personally one that I love. This is made worse by the fact that almost every time Byers laughs at a contestant’s creation she says “I don’t mean to laugh, but … ”. Of course you mean to laugh. The whole concept of this show is people making a horrific mess of professional baking triumphs. And if you truly don’t mean to laugh? Then don’t. Simples.

Some of the guest judges are boring while others come across snooty and pretentious. Jay Chandrasekhar was by far the best guest on the show and even he decided to leave for half the episode.

Nailed It! could have been entertaining but, as one contestant managed, someone forgot to add flour and it hasn’t quite risen to the occasion. It feels cheap, slapped together and uninspired despite having a good concept.

Overall, there isn’t much good that can come from a series based on an Internet meme and Nailed It! is not the exception. I have learnt my lesson and, unless Grumpy Cat gets her own series, will keep my helpings of reality/competition shows to the RDI of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


“I don’t mean to laugh, but …”

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