It’s a Small World (of Warcraft) After All: Chapter 4 – The Good, the Hillsbrad and the Ugly

Article by CJ

Level range:

Number of deaths:

51g 24s 0c

Mining and skinning

Time played:
13 hours 55 minutes

Zones played:
Hillsbrad Foothills


Greetings, fellow adventurers! It is I, your ever humble-


-host, Apolloe, Defender of Azeroth, Paladin of Silvermoon, Defender of the Light-



Relax. You’re here to talk about your adventures, not pander to your ego. Also, you haven’t even hit the first level cap yet.

Right. Well, after being personally thanked by the Banshee Queen in Silverpine Forest, I headed east to Hillsbrad Foothills. 

At the border, I was greeted by Forsaken who asked that I perform the role of quest giver.

I must admit, several of the adventurers I met during this time were exceptionally daft. 

Then these idiots manage to make such a mess of their quests that I had to be sent to help them all. I was also made to harvest spider eggs from zombie bear butts, show the Alliance what for, kill and skin some yetis, and perform various other tasks that required the skills of a brave adventurer, such as myself.

It doesn’t sound like a very compelling area in terms of plot or overarching premise.

To be perfectly honest, it was a bit of a let down after fighting for the Banshee Queen.

Meeting Drek’Thar, the chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan of Orcs, was pretty cool though, right?


You’re only saying that because you’re not a high enough level to defend him in the PvP zone Alterac Valley.

Well, perhaps if you played more often.


I found Hillsbrad Foothills to be a good area to test my skills as a mumblebeginnermumble adventurer. But due to my youthful wanderings-

Two starting zones.

-I am quickly out levelling the areas that flow into each other chronologically.

I’m actually not too sure if this is because of the two starting zones or just because the world isn’t balanced as well as it could be.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Anywho. Like Apolloe said, Hillsbrad Foothills was an good zone that has undergone minor changes since Cataclysm, but I didn’t find anything that I particularly loved about it.

Tune in next time, when Apolloe journeys through Arathi Highlands. Say goodbye, Apolloe!

Goodbye, Apolloe!

[canned laughter]

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