It’s a Small World (of Warcraft) After All: Chapter 3 — Hanging with Sylvanas in Silverpine

Article by CJ and Apolloe

Level range:

Number of deaths:

42g 35s 34c (Apolloe fared well in the auction house selling uncommon weapons and armour)

Mining and skinning

Time played:
10 hours 25 minutes

Zones played:
Silverpine Forest

Best quest:
I Never Forget a Face

Most frustrating quest:
None. They were all good.


Following on from the events in chapters one and two of It’s a Small World (of Warcraft) After All

Wait, why do you get speak on my behalf all the time?

Erm. Because you’re a fictional character that I created in an online video game.

Well, that hardly seems fair. I’m the one traipsing around in the jungle-


Forest, foraging through corpses for disgusting items and wading through the light knows what just to-

Okay, Apolloe. You’ve made your point. Would you like to take it from here?


Ahem. Hem-hem. After my glorious battles and world renowned victories in Tirisfal-

Calm down, tiger. You finished a starting zone.

Silverpine Forest

*glares* After finishing my journey through Tirisfal Glades, I set on my way to Silverpine Forest. Upon arriving at my first port of call, the Forsaken High Command in the north, I was met with not only Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, the Banshee Queen and leader of the Forsaken, but soon after witnessed the arrival of Garrosh Hellscream, the Horde’s Warchief and future betrayer-

You’re not supposed to know that. You’re not omniscient and you haven’t lived through that yet.

I don’t know what to tell you.

Northrend (a level 70-80 continent) is going to be interesting though given that Lady Sylvanas keeps talking about how Arthas is dead, but he pops up everywhere throughout Northrend zones.

The timeline has well and truly gone to sh-

Shall we continue?

Yes. Right. So, after seeing Sylvanas raise the dead to ensure her people continue to survive in the Lich King’s absence, Garrosh is horrified, calls the Banshee Queen a b*tch and leaves. 

From there, I am given a variety of general orders that include killing treacherous Worgen, slaughtering skittering spiders, finding a Forsaken spy who has been out of contact (I found her hiding in an outhouse — these Forsaken can be odd creatures, indeed), rescuing shipwrecked Orcs and many other heroic tasks that will lead me further down the path of herodom.

The most interesting experience I had during my time in Silverpine Forest was when I killed a crocolisk-

That’s like a crocodile but with more legs.

-to practice my skinning and I found a HEAD in it’s stomach. The gentleman who was accompanying me at the time seemed to know the fellow, so I let him take the cranium keepsake. He then made me slaughter more crocolisks to find the rest of the poor chap and help with his resurrection. It was a strange day.

I also enjoyed visiting the Ruins of Gilneas, a former Human kingdom from where the Worgen curse originated.

And working with a lovely Val’kyr, although her transportation left something to be desired. If anyone sees my stomach in Lordamere Lake, I would appreciate its return.

And obtaining my licence to ride a real mount while also being gifted a Thalassian Warhorse, which is only given to the best-

All level 20-


After helping the Banshee Queen fight back the Worgen threat and heroically helping many other grateful citizens, I have been sent on to Hillsbrad Foothills to the east. Until next we meet, may the light bless your journey.

Thanks, Apolloe. We hope you’ve enjoyed Apolloe’s adventures through Silverpine Forest and we leave you with a picture of a Worgen Druid pretending to be a real bear.

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