Deadman’s Tome Final Contact Anthology (2017)

Review by CJ

Edited by:
Jesse Dedman, William Marchese

Contributing authors:
Eric S Brown, James ‘Grim’ Desborough, David M. Hoenig, Brian Malachy Quinn, Candace Robinson, Madeleine Swann, DJ Tyrer, Kristofer Velasquez

Kindle eBook



Eight authors spin tales on humanity’s first contact with alien races that prove to be their last.

Deadman’s Tome Final Contact, like many anthologies before it, has some strong stories, some weak stories and some pretty average stories. They’re like literary Goldilocks. This works by giving everyone something that they can enjoy. My personal favourite was the second last story, Echoes Remain by DJ Tyler which was actually chill inducing.

The stories in the Deadman’s Tome Final Contact sometimes feel derivative of either Star Trek or Alien or both. Though given that Star Trek has been at the forefront of science fiction and Alien at the forefront of science fiction-horror for decades, that’s not to be unexpected. Some of the homages were beautifully intwined.

Some of the stories in Deadman’s Tome Final Contact would have greatly benefit from tighter editing. I often found myself jarred out of the story by unnecessary descriptions, clunky structure or nonsensical lines.

Deadman’s Tome Final Contact is a quick read and a good browse for fans of the science fiction-horror subgenre. If you’re in the mood for things that go bump in the night where they can’t hear you scream, I would recommend giving it a go.


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