Survival of the Dumbest by Wil Anderson (2006)

Review by CJ


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Australian comedian Wil Anderson puts his humour to paper and delivers commentary on politics, common sense, celebrities and life in general.

As a big fan of Wil Anderson’s work, I honestly can’t believe it took me 10 years to discover his first book. Survival of the Dumbest did not disappoint.

Each chapter of Survival of the Dumbest is written in a style not unlike Anderson’s stand up comedy. It’s fast paced, very witty and there are segues aplenty. This means that while reading, there is never a dull moment.

While some of the content has only aged well if you remember current events from 2006, most of it still stands up well. Buying a house still sucks, rugby league players still behave inappropriately, politicians are still stabbing each other in the back, and certain shock jocks are still being vile.

I don’t feel the content that has aged takes anything away from Survival of the Dumbest. If anything, I found a lot of good nostalgia value in remembering celebrity indiscretions, television shows, movies and events that had long since slipped my mind. I found it especially funny that Anderson lists why three of the four Prime Ministers since John Howard (the PM at the time the book was written) shouldn’t go on to be Prime Minister. Oops.

I would recommend this book to fans of Wil Anderson or anyone who enjoys a good laugh-out-loud-funny book. It would also help greatly if you can remember when John Howard was the Australian Prime Minister, Bec and Lleyton Hewitt were honeymooners, and the names of Australian Idol’s first winner and runner up.

4 Stars

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