Shadows at the Door Anthology (2016)

Review by CJ


Edited by:
Mark Nixon, Caitlin Marceau, Kris Holt

Contributing authors:
Peter Alex Harris, K.B. Goddard, Christopher Long, Mark Nixon, Kris Holt, Andrea Janes, Helen Grant, Caitlin Marceau, M. Regan, Mark Cassell, Daniel Foytik, J.C. Michael, Cameron Trost

Illustrated by:
Barney Bodoano

Page count:
282 [including introduction and acknowledgments by Mark Nixon]




Shadows at the Door is a collection of 13 horror tales from around the globe.

[While it in no way affects this review, I feel it necessary to note that I was a proud backer of the Kickstarter that brought this anthology to life.]

The Shadows at the Door anthology includes something for every horror fan, from the macabre, to the unsettling and the downright creepy.

As with most anthologies that feature a diverse range of tales, Shadows at the Door has a few stories that one person may love while another may be indifferent to. However, the beauty of the diverse architecture this array of stories builds is that everyone will be reading a different book. Sure, the words will be the same, but the experience will be vastly different.

My personal favourites included A Macabre Melody by K.B. Goddard, The Gallow Glass by Christopher Long, Quem Infra Nos by Mark Nixon, Black Shuck by Kris Holt, Nor Gloom of Night by Andrea Janes and A Little Light Gets In by Daniel Foytik.

While I could (with some difficulty, I might add) narrow down those six favourite, I found all of the stories in the Shadows at the Door anthology to be good in their own ways. Those six just appeal most to my preferred style of horror.

The illustrations in the Shadows at the Door anthology are dark and beautiful. If you visit the Shadows at the Door website, you will likely recognise the work of Barney Bodoano who has created illustrations for many of the online short stories. The gorgeous pictures are probably the most noticeable, but are just one of the things that tie the anthology in with its source website.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the Shadows at the Door anthology. It provides a wide variety of the ghoulish, the ghastly and the gruesome. While not every story appealed to me personally, I still appreciated what they brought to the whole. If you love horror stories and are looking for a collection of bite sized morsels, then I recommend sinking your teeth into the Shadows at the Door anthology.

5 Stars

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