Arrival (2016)

Review by CJ


Denis Villeneuve

Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forrest Whitaker

Other notable appearances:
Michael Stuhlbarg

Running time:
116 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Contact, Donnie Darko, Interstellar


When 12 alien ships land on Earth, linguist Louise Banks (Adams) is given the job of learning to communicate with the aliens. Can Louise work out the aliens’ purpose on Earth before the world’s leaders declare interstellar war?

Arrival has a good plot but also took some very strange turns along the way. There isn’t a lot that can be said about the overall plot without revealing spoilers, but suffice to say it isn’t for viewers who enjoy a straight forward or realistic plot with their helping of science fiction.

Amy Adams was compelling in her role as the smart scientist whose pacifist approach to the aliens is vastly different to the military and some of the world leaders. Jeremy Renner and Forrest Whitaker both play good support roles to Adams’s Banks.

Visually Arrival is stunning. From the design alien ship to the written language, the effects were almost always on point. My favourite effect in Arrival is definitely the alien beings – they’re quite different from the little grey men we’re often show but they are very cool.

I would recommend Arrival to science fiction fans who are not averse to twists in the tale.

4 Stars

“Come back to me.”

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