Mr. Brooks (2007)

Review by CJ


Bruce A. Evans

Kevin Costner, William Hurt, Demi Moore, Dane Cook

Other notable appearances:
Marg Helgenberger, Danielle Panabaker, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jason Lewis, Aisha Hinds

Running time:
120 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Se7en, Copycat, Zodiac, The Black Dahlia


Earl Brooks (Costner) is a father, husband, successful businessman and local ‘man of the year’. He is also a serial killer with an addiction to murder and a bloodthirsty alter-ego. After decades of murdering people, Mr Brooks made a mistake and was photographed at the crime scene. Now Mr Brooks must decide if he will pay the asking price for the photographer’s silence — in blood.

I didn’t know a lot about Mr. Brooks going in to the film and I didn’t expect much from it other than a couple of hours worth of entertainment. Instead, I was blown away by one of the best serial killer films I have ever seen.

The plot of Mr. Brooks is thoroughly enjoyable and has several delightfully wicked twists.

I found it quite interesting that, despite the fact that he is addicted to murdering people, the character of Mr Brooks is actually quite likeable. The interactions between Mr Brooks and his alter-ego Marshall are brilliant. While this is an example of excellent writing, credit should also be given to Costner and Hurt who both gave magnificent performances. The fact that neither were even nominated for an Academy Award is quite disappointing.

Demi Moore is powerful in her role as police detective Tracy Atwood. Jason Lewis is smug and detestable as Atwood’s slimy soon-to-be-ex husband. Danielle Panabaker is noticeably green in her role as Mr Brooks’ daughter Jane, but I found it fun to watch nonetheless as she now portrays one of my favourite characters on The Flash.

I highly recommend Mr. Brooks to viewers who enjoy a good psychological thriller or crime story. The warped perspective that gives the film an interesting feel and compelling performances from the main cast make this a film well worth a watch.

5 Stars

“You never kill someone you know. It’s the easiest way to get caught.”

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