Sully (2016)

Review by CJ


Clint Eastwood

Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney

Other notable appearances:
Mike O’Malley, Jamey Sheridan, Anna Gunn, Katie Couric, Chris Bauer, Ann Cusack

Running time:
96 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Captain Phillips, The Perfect Storm, American Sniper, 127 Hours


Sully is based on the true story of pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger whose heroic actions and quick thinking saved the lives of 155 passengers and crew.

I went into watching Sully for two main reasons. First up is that I suspect it might be Oscar fodder and the more I see before awards season, the less cramming I have to do before the day. Second and much more important than the first reason, I knew very little about the “Miracle on the Hudson” and was interested to learn more. What I didn’t expect was that Sully would be a deep and engaging emotional rollercoaster.

Sully doesn’t just focus on the nitty gritty of the emergency water landing. It also highlights the toll, both emotional and physical, the event and its consequent investigation and media circus took on Captain Sullenberger, his crew and his family.

Front and centre is Tom Hanks in the eponymous role. His portrayal of Captain Sullenberger is fascinating to watch. The emotions that Hanks portrays throughout the film are understated and powerful in their subtlety.

Aaron Eckhart and Laura Linney are both remarkable in their supporting roles. Eckhart manages to shine as the admirable and awe-struck co-pilot without overshadowing the main star of the story. Linney’s portrayal of Captain Sullenberger’s wife is heart-wrenching. While her scenes are few, Linney manages to bring the role to life and incorporates an emotional sounding board in the film for Hanks’ Captain Sullenberger.

Overall, I don’t feel that Sully is a film that has a lot of potential for rewatchability. However, I would highly recommend it for people who enjoy a story based on real life. Sully is a fascinating look at the effects of extraordinary acts on ordinary people and those in their lives.

4 Stars

“Everything is unprecedented until it happens for the first time.”

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