The Ridiculous 6 (2015)

Review by CJ

The Ridiculous 6

Frank Coraci

Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Taylor Lautner, Jorge Garcia, Terry Crews, Luke Wilson

Other notable appearances:
Steve Zahn, Harvey Keitel, Nick Nolte, Jon Lovitz, David Spade, Danny Trejo, Nick Swardson, Vanilla Ice, Steve Buscemi, Chris Kattan

Running time:
119 minutes

Watch this if you liked:
Torturing yourself and others under the pretence of entertainment. Most other comedies penned by Adam Sandler.


Tommy (Sandler), AKA White Knife, is a white man who was raised by Native Americans after his mother was murdered. His estranged father, famous thief Frank Stockburn (Nolte), shows up and tells him about a big score he hid away and now wants Tommy to have. After this revelation, Frank is kidnapped by his old gang to retrieve the $50,000 score he owes them.

Tommy decides to raise the $50,000 needed to rescue his father. Along the way he discovers his father was quite the ladies’ man and sired five more sons by five different women. The Stockburn brothers band together to save their father.

The Ridiculous 6 has no redeeming qualities that I could see. Wait. That’s not true. It did eventually end. That was my favourite part.

Before I go any further, I will admit that I don’t usually like Adam Sandler comedies. The only exception I have found to this so far is Grown Ups (but not the second one). I decided to give The Ridiculous 6 a go because I love westerns, David Spade and Luke Wilson.

In nearly two hours, I didn’t laugh once at the ‘humour’ in The Ridiculous 6. Most of the ‘jokes’ are in extremely poor taste, revolve around a donkey with diarrhoea, insult real historic figures, insult various groups of people, or just fall flat. Some, including scenes making light of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, manage a combination of these.

The acting was questionable at best. There were characters that felt thrown in just because they had an actor and needed to give them screen time. This feels especially true with Vanilla Ice playing Mark Twain. Most of the actors either look like they’re phoning in their performances or seem downright bored. Other actors just seem like they are trying too hard.

The plot was… well… it was ridiculous. All I knew about the film going in was it was a comedy western and some of the actors in it. The more I watched, the more difficult it became to sit through the film. I ended up having to watch it in three sittings. If the humour had been solid, the plot may have been able to get away with its silliness. However, without the humour holding up its end of the bargain, the plot also fell flat.

Overall, I didn’t find The Ridiculous 6 to be a good comedy, a good western or entertaining in any way. I would definitely recommend giving this one a miss.


“You know, I make that same face when I put my cologne on in the morning, especially when I’m home alone.”

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