Hello Kitty Flanagan (2014)

Review by CJ

Jim Hare

Kitty Flanagan

Running time:
84 minutes


Australian comedian Kitty Flanagan addresses the concerns of buying a cat as a single woman; the differences between cabaret and burlesque; the anger management issues of infants; and why women’s public toilets are so vile.

I had never seen any of Kitty Flanagan’s stand up comedy before seeing Hello Kitty Flanagan on Netflix and deciding to give it a go. I was not disappointed.

Flanagan brings a fantastic performance with a variety of hilarious observational jokes. As I watched Hello Kitty Flanagan I couldn’t help but notice how relatable her comments were. Yes, I have often been revolted at the state of women’s restrooms. Babies can be really unpredictable, she’s right. Bacon IS delicious!

It’s not just what Flanagan says but how she says it. Her deliveries are often high energy, fun to watch and very physical. It’s a treat to watch.

There are only a couple of comedians I feel can pull off breaking into comedy song during a stand up set. Flanagan has now joined that short list. Towards the end of the show, Flanagan brings her sister Penny Flanagan on stage to play guitar and join the duets in some great comedy songs.

All in all if you enjoy a good laugh at observational humour then I cannot recommend Hello Kitty Flanagan enough.


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